Talks and events



  • Tatiana Bladier, Kilian Evang & Laura Kallmeyer: Annotating Semantic Frames in RRGparbank, RRG conference 2023, Düsseldorf.
  • Kata Balogh, Laura Kallmeyer & Rainer Osswald: Information structure in formalized RRG, RRG conference 2023, Düsseldorf.
  • Kilian Evang: Superframes for Consistent and Comprehensive Semantic Role Annotation. UniDive 1st General Meeting, Paris-Saclay University, France.
  • Kilian Evang: Semantic Roles for Semantic Parsing – Lessons Learned and Future Directions. TaCoS, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany.
  • Kilian Evang: Semantic Roles for Semantic Parsing – Lessons Learned and Future Directions. Interdisziplinäres Linguistisches Kolloquium Augsburg, University of Augsburg, Germany.


  • Kilian Evang, Laura Kallmeyer, Jakub Waszczuk, Kilu von Prince, Tatiana Bladier, Simon Petitjean: Cross-lingual RRG Parsing, Séminaire Almanach, INRIA, Paris, 17.06.2022.


  • David Arps, Tatiana Bladier, Kilian Evang, Laura Kallmeyer, Robin Möllemann, Rainer Osswald, Simon Petitjean: Elementary trees in RRGparbank. RRG conference 2021, Toronto, Canada.


  • Tatiana Bladier, Laura Kallmeyer, Robin Möllemann, Rainer Osswald – RRGbank and RRGparbank: Towards a multilingual treebankfor Role and Reference Grammar, MoSy colloquium, 21.01.2020, Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf – slides
  • Tatiana Bladier and Marie Candito (2020): Neural Semantic Role Labeling Using Deep Syntax for French FrameNet, Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN) 30.
  • Tatiana Bladier and Laura Kallmeyer (2020): Automatic Extraction of Tree-Wrapping Grammars for German, Grammar & Corpora (GAC)






14-16.08.2023: RRG Conference

05.10.2022: TreeGraSP meeting #8

16.02.2022: TreeGraSP meeting #7

25.06.2021: TreeGraSP meeting #6

11.11.2020: TreeGraSP meeting #5

26.02.2020: TreeGraSP meeting #4

15.05.2019: TreeGraSP meeting #3

18.09.2018: TreeGraSP meeting #2

21.02.2018: TreeGraSP meeting #1